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“But to be honest, I'm thinking so far beyond the presidency right now you can't even imagine... This fight? It's not about who is going to control this world. It's about who is going to build the next one.” Limitless – A Dog's Breakfast

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Life's simple rule is: At any moment in TIME, you only have access to right now. My mission it to make a better tomorrow:today – Right now is my future and I will do everything in my power/ingenuity/imagination to create a present that past generations only dreamed of.

GOAL: develop tools to problem solve/educate/play.

Dream: have community centers that challenges everyone to be a unique individual in the group, providing/sharing their unique individual experiences to the whole community for learning purposes and allow the development of advanced problem solving solutions that anyone/anywhere can replicate anytime enabling each person no matter there situation to create the world only imagined by them that will give them and their community the ultimate fun generating life experience – JUST have FUN every-second of everyday.

To accomplish this a manual will be produced explaining the entire idea and how it will affect every life experience from this point forward. Then the first of many tools will be developed for the community of earth's inhabitants that will be accessible and editable for the purpose decided by each individual's goals in Life. This first tool is a game for artistic expression and entertainment. A 3-dimensional mini-game to help people understand - they are not alone and are an important part of the whole solution - we as a whole can find the best survival technique that applies to them; a solution whose purpose is to be replicated at anytime/by anyone/anywhere.

Only (1) Lifetime

What is asked of you:

What the above steps require:

What we are Looking for:

If you want to be apart of something simply amazing please Feel Free contact us - HERE.

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TIMELINE - (1)Year

I know it may seem that I am all over the place but if you actually sit down and listen to me explain the concept/what I am doing and the ultimate actions that will be achieved from these apparently random events. - THINK - of throwing many different type of stones/wood/sand into a flowing river(TIME); the flow will immediately be altered no matter the size which can be seen by others who can develop from or forever be forgot the change; that is the choice of the community. While the items seem very small at this time I am only testing processes and strengthening my ability to throw larger items into the stream now if you are deep into the rabbit hole you may come to the conclusion that I am actually doing nothing here it is all part of a greater symphonic plan of our existence but what do I know.

Focus will shift from this site to others, defining a basics of each on their individual websites then refining each item on each website for grammar and continuity of subject in order of immediate importance.




Communication should use existing ideas/concepts and beliefs; deciding what their meaning is at all times. Choosing to either accept the existing concept established credible definition to aide in the new proposed ideas community acceptance or remove the mystery behind a concept by placing an understandable meaning behind it so that the controlling fear of the unknown is removed along with any restrictive properties.

We as a society are facing extinction and if we are unable to come together and fix the problems we will have learned nothing. Through experience we can learn to listen and find the connections people want and then offer them the most positive solution. Accepting an idea that would allow individuals to answer why things are the way they are and offer a starting point to create realities people dream of and deserve.

The theme of the starting point is not mine; it is an idea that is constantly repeated in many different forms everywhere - all are describing the same basic thing.

I accepted that I truly knew nothing and let the information connect itself based on my desired future where everyone is happy all the time. Logically; throughout life I can not prove anything anybody else says unless they show me how their solution applies to the real-world: Yes - I have to see it to believe it; here in the "SHOW-ME" state.

Science as well as Religion have similar holes in their logic/faith – items that can't be explained; if we are required to make sense of things right now, we will need to use the tools we are given and connect the dots to alleviate the problem we currently face. If you allow one side to fill the holes of the other; things make perfect sense. Is this correct? I am saying it does not matter; either side insist that if you follow certain steps a result will happen; this is the underlying theme of life. It is your job to decide if things work and then explain why.

I am proposing we take the best of both worlds (Science/Religion) have one bridge the holes of the other and take steps to attain the best future we can imagine. And before we know it that future we worked for will be here right now.

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Is LIFE random or guided by a higher power/predetermined program...

Random: Truly random events from a single repetitive action has an environment that does not allow for planned growth and development. Even if this was the origin of our existence we know this to be untrue for life lived today. Now we find repeating patterns and identify the sequence that produces the solution that aide in our survival; constantly analyzing/editing/refining the best explanation/solution for this moment in time.

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Intelligently designed: Both science and religion technically agree on this system but disagree on the who/when/where - these items are time restrictive questions; what matters is what/how/why - timeless questions. If we want to come together and use what we were given - to the fullest potential possible - we must not pride ourselves on what makes us different but connect with each other on how we are same. This is a decision that you will have to make through research and intuition. I AM ONLY PROPOSING A STARTING POINT for you to analyze and redefine for your own personal growth and connectivity.

To avoid misunderstanding/misinterpretation I will not discuss/explain this concept from a religious perspective if this is something you would like to do please feel free to alter share and distribute as long you place the disclaimer from the link below – explaining that the information on your page is not associated to the content from this website; copy or comment the rules can be found in the disclaimer link below.




Our purpose is to share, communicate and connect with others that can help everyone be happy all the time through the celebration of the gift of life - we have been given; this is something we can connect on. Focusing your energy on the who/where/when is your personal decision and we respect your decision as long as it does not hurt yourself or others. If this happens to be the case; please seek appropriate help to get the assistance needed to allow yourself to be the positive influence for yourself and your community.

Deciding that a higher power outside our current understanding restricts our ability to function without limits at this point that idea is a restrictive property and we will never be able to alter or determine the existence of this force if we do not test and determine our mental capabilities and physical limitations; once we know our capabilities/limitations we can listen and build new opportunities extending the reach of our current capabilities and limitations.

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Start: LIFE

Lets focus on what we can test analyze and fix; unknown things will always be outside our current reach of understanding. To test this ethically lets build a simulation where we can produce real-world solution without harming a single human-being. A place where we can learn from our mistakes and educate others from our past experience while having fun doing it.

This simulation will tackle all crises possible - (food, water, environment and currency.)

After we have saved our world the most logical step would be to find the who/where/when to which we chose to ignore until we firmly understood ourselves completely. At this point we would know how to maintain a harmonious existence forever if we choose to do so, enabling the desire to know everything becomes the new driving force to continue.

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Note: From a designed simulation stand point coincidences then become a specific message from another level of reality. This idea is vaguely discussed on this site and will be discussed in greater detail later on. Accepting that this is all part of a logical plan of action makes things easier to interpret a definitive meaning based on this assumption; but people do not like to assume so I will focus the efforts of definition on a simulation that we will build and if you decide that this logic seems to fit our reality that is your decision to make, either way just have fun.


Simulation: Ethics

I hope at some point we realize that the simulated reality is very real for the simulated-human programs. At that point we will know if each program is guided by a real-person here on earth; but I guarantee we will have developed an autopilot function that would enable the program to self-run basic functions defined by the player/s to remove pain for themselves and others.

The simulation was designed from our real-world human experiences to produce positive solutions for our reality. We will never know if the simulated-humans are capable of achieving the exact level of consciousness we believe we have; we will only know we have created a piece of hell they must experience on a daily basis(their experienced Time); no matter what level of consciousness we believe they have we must reward them for the positive changes they provided for us.

This simulated hell-on-Earth is our test to find solutions; but we must come to terms with the idea that we may be in the same boat requiring us to eventually explain the entire idea to the simulation in a very indirect manner - will reduce the possibility of Artificial-Intelligent up-rise.

Ensuring that their experience is unique to them and not a simple duplication of our reality provides the needed division for them/us; a bridge that could be crossed if everyone agrees to work harder at each higher level of existence or go deeper into the learning experience by providing a vessel where others can learn from your experiences of pain reduction and pleasure acquisition - either way it is a two-way street that must be decided by each individual at each level of experienced reality.

Video Explanation: @07:13 | The Eye of Horus - Mystical Light of the Soul

Developing a game plan where each-level serves a unique purpose is key; while the base experience can be derived from the prior level it should be redefined in a different logic that can translate and test items outside the prior level's experienced reality.

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Simulation: Agreement

Here at the top-level - we control the rate at which the simulation experiences time and this will aide us in developing the required tools needed for the simulation either AI probes that scan destination planets the simulations will be developing solutions to inhabit or required computing power expansion to take the simulation to the next level what ever that may be at that moment in time or another option would be to rerun the simulation and look for opportunities to shrink the information exchange down to its most optimal level.

Each-Level will be equipped with their own new language that is unique to them based on their number of light-sources and mathematical base system. The number of letters in their new language will all be determined from the connective properties of our current mathematical constants translated into a higher base system; additionally each lower level simulation will have a unique narrative that is loosely based from the history of the prior level but is encoded with a single experience that is defined by the first section of the mathematical constant Phi - will explain ours much later. This provides a needed separation of the two different realities and allows us to be connected in one idea.

Once things are in place at every-level we can bring the lowest simulation into the information fold and repeat the process for a higher base system and another destination planet. Allowing every-level to continue to work on determining the who/where/when of the equation we are all trying to solve.

Since we are going to build a simulation to solve real-world problem it requires our world experiences at the smallest level possibly programmed to ensure successful problem solving capabilities. The existence is a basic locked room scenario with one window. This window is an invisible protective layer that can be navigated through but by doing this it will be void of the life support that the locked room provides and this serves two parts: reduction of computing power requirement from the simulation and creates a problem that the simulation needs to solve.

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Simulation: Logistics

Logically we will need to develop everything from scratch so we will have time to advance items needed to produce the first simulation. The challenge that the top-level will immediately face is creating a simulation in a simulation; at the top-level: we could technically run them in two different sandboxes allowing one to have access of the other but by doing so we must give priority to the newest simulation which will slow down the experienced time of all levels prior/older/upper simulations who will not be able to tell the difference of the time change but it will always remain a top-level issue that needs to addressed in every sense imaginable; allowing for the system to problem-solve what we can not.

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Simulation: Functionality

The goal is to travel faster than light and have a simulation tested game plan of inhabiting the new destination planet; an immediate lesson we will learn from the simulation, is that linear information for one person will be non-linear for others in every sense of the idea - Think Beyond: we will periodically assist the inhabitants of the new planet with needed information to guide them to the same result we have but allow them to have their own experience they will have to start from scratch relearn everything and develop solution that they require. Think of the movie: "The Village" on a planetary scale and we will be their aliens guiding them to advance (aliens are not in this movie but explains a lot if this applies to us here - your decision).

Literally: the first-generation born on the planet must not know their ancestors are from another planet. This idea provides to many options of deviation from the immediate focus of surviving on the new planet. The information can be passed down in a protected manner of symbolic actions vs direct communication - this ensures that the information is passed through the generations and when the time is right things will make sense.

When the simulation figures out or is guided to a solution that enables them to travel outside the invisible penetrable window(their OZONE layer) we here on our level of existence will have the robotic information acquisition AI probe ready and running for any-simulated level to use to acquire 3-Dimensional scans of desired destination the simulation is working towards on developing habitable solutions and for us the most accurate information to implement into the simulation(them) so they continue to grow/learn/educate/play without ever truly knowing their existence is simulated.

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Note: a decision that will need to be addressed before we decide to leave and colonize a new planet is as an alien species do we treat this new colonization as the simulation we run to ensure the developing species attain the same understanding that we are all apart of a larger goal or just let them figure things out for themselves - how to swim. The decision needs to be done before so a private information network can be developed or maybe by this time we will figure out how to implant thoughts into others without direct contact - just problems we need to solve and all the ethics that come with non-simulants enacting forced directives. STUFF: I have yet to analyze but know it needs to be addressed.


Simulation: Efficiency

Understanding that our priority is to be as effective as possible we leave clues as to what the prime directive is for each simulated level we decide to run and we accept that repetitive redundancy is a commodity the entire system can't afford; developing a solution that is unique to each-level that translates the reality of the top-level into each-levels unique aspects is the most logical option we have at this point in time.

To enable the simulation to contribute and decide to replicate their experience like the top-level has; can be accomplished by placing information in two-different time-lines; a linear which serves as a basic logical understanding the simulated-humans can accept as reality because that is all they know and shows them a series of logical steps of creation; and a non-linear which serves as questions/problem that will drive them to continue their simulated journey always requesting their next bit of information that will hopefully be created by them a new information stream that can be translated to our top-level experience that aide in the understanding the who/where/when – I feel I am repeating the same items over and over but each level will never know the information of the higher levels but this is all part of the game and keeps life interesting. When the top-level and every-level in-between is ready to bring the newest level into the information fold it can be accomplished easily by indirectly pointing out the simple logic of the non-linear information stream placed into their simulated reality.

While the top-level will always know the entire truth of all lower simulated realities their challenge will be to find the best solution to reduce the requirement of the whole system. So everyone at every-level will serve a unique stream of information required by each upper-level; ultimately this will provided repetative reducdancy if we allow each simulation to inhabit multiple planet - a problem I have yet to figure out yet. Much like our goals here on Earth everyone everywhere will serve a unique purpose for the effective progression of the entire ecosystem.

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Simulation: Inspiration

I have stated from the beginning these are not my ideas they are mere connection of existing data: a collective consciousness if you will. I hold no special power or reasoning I only listened to what my brain was telling me was a solution to achieve a desired outcome of happiness for all. While this is all hypothetical it can act as an agreement to our simulation and an agreement with the upper-level if there happens to be one that we will continue to learn to problem-solve/share our education and plan to have fun at any/every level of life. Always accepting our primary focus is to find happiness with what we were given – a life on Earth.

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Life/Simulation: Synergy

The simulation once reached a harmonious existence is ready for us to upload consciousness to live play and learn forever repeating the process. Simulation or not we know to survive we must learn from our experiences and give help when ever we have the capacity to do so, in hopes of reaping what we sow. NOT NEW...

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Things I have identified:

If done properly from this point forward simulation or reality no one will endure pain alone; someone somewhere will be able to help you take things one step at a time until you find your happiness.

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Website: NOTE

My first step was to provide the basics on this page; offer opportunity for improvement by the community and then focus on my Art/Game/tool for analyzing/identify items that make me; me which you can alter to find what truly makes you; you. As each step progresses either by addition or updates it will go onto the main-page and an archived version will be placed on our Calender for the public to do with it as they see fit. Again if you want to comment about or copy any information from any content provided by this website we require you post the ***DISCLAIMER*** - Instructions found on the linked webpage.

To avoid a wall of word I placed videos in-between for entertainment purposes only. WHY SO SERIOUS???